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Our Approach

Highly Selective

Blu Ox Ventures’ deep industry networks affords us introductions to select early-stage companies led by talented entrepreneurs.  We are seeking product and services companies that have demonstrated product-market fit, are poised for rapid sales growth, and have the potential for a 10x return in 3-5 years.  We are looking for a fit between the company’s needs and our extensive experience, skills and industry networks.  And most importantly, we are looking to work with like-minded individuals who are passionate about building successful and durable businesses.

Deep Engagement

Our diligence goes deep, and we take our time to get to know the business as well as the entrepreneur.  After investing, we jump in and take a day-to-day role for 18 -24 months.  We like to describe it as being rocket boosters, helping the company launch in to orbit, and serving as a guide to help avoid common pitfalls along the way.  

Early-stage companies need to move fast and make critical decisions quickly with limited information.  Our engagement model creates unparalleled transparency and communication between investor and entrepreneur, rooted in a shared sense of mission and vision.  The benefits are significant – an investor in-tune with the business realities, accelerated decision making, and a partner to help shoulder the load.  And those benefits carry over to our role as board members even after we step out of the day to day.

Clear Alignment

We’re seeking to deploy capital from our network of investors into unique individual investments.  The form and terms of that capital can be customized to fit the opportunity.  We raise capital through a special purpose entity which will then lead the round.  The Blu Ox management team takes no management fee on the capital raised and invests personally in each deal to fully align ourselves, our investors and the company to the goal at hand… an exceptional outcome.